Heather May

A Progressive Voice for All People
Waltham City Council Ward 2


Heading 6
Preliminary Election
Tuesday - Sept. 17th
Progressive Leadership

What does Progressive Leadership mean to me? It's advocating for the improvement of our community through reforms and policies that help those living paycheck to paycheck, families sending their kids off to our schools, and small business owners tying to keep the doors open. It's caring about those who have just "breezed" in, and those that have been here for generations. It's working to help students, seniors, and immigrants both old and new. It's knowing and valuing that regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or economic status,  ALL of us are connected through community.


Being a progressive leader means understanding and utilizing advancements in science, technology, economic, environmental and social development for the improvement of the human condition for ALL. It also means respecting, and valuing our shared past and historical importance.

As a progressive candidate running for Waltham City Council in Ward 2, I believe in being out in the community with YOU! Listening to you, working along side of you and advocating for progressive change so that Ward 2 and Waltham are able to be the best community possible for ALL who live here.

Every dollar helps bring Progressive leadership to Waltham City Council!

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