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Grassroots campaigns are always facing the challenge of fundraising. Everything from stamps, to graphic design, to yard signs - it all comes with a price tag. As a candidate for Waltham City Council in Ward 2, there are a couple of values that guide both my fundraising and my use of those funds.

First of all I don't take any money from developers, or corporate interests. I disagree with Citizens United and I do not believe that corporations are people, nor do I believe that money should be able to buy the ear of a representative. I work for ALL the people of Ward 2, regardless of their monetary contributions! Second, I strive to use venders who are: Minority owned, Union, Local. These things might slightly increase the costs of goods and services, but I believe strongly in investing in the local economy. This means that when you contribute to me, you're also helping small business owners thrive! 

Online donations are often easiest for people, and you can access my online donation page by clicking on the orange "Donation" button at the top, right hand side of this page. 

Some would rather send a good old traditional check! I will happily accept checks as well!! Please make checks out to: Heather May for Ward 2 Committee and send them to:

Heather May for Ward 2 Committee

41 Mokema Ave

Waltham, MA

(Please indicate when sending your donation check if you would like to have  a receipt sent to you for financial purposes.)



Again - THANK YOU for your support of Heather May for Ward 2! With out you and your contribution we wouldn't be able to do what we need to do to WIN this election and represent Ward 2! 


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