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Tuesday Sept. 17th

Meet Heather May

A Progressive Voice for the People of Ward 2

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I moved to Boston in 1997 from Nebraska to attend graduate school at Suffolk University. In 2001 I began teaching at Emerson College, where I continue to teach Public Speaking, Psychology, and Health Communication today. In 2007 I returned to school for a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I’ve found I am happiest when I am working with, and for, others. I love to hear people’s stories and Waltham is home to amazing people with incredible stories.

I have always felt that local government is important, in part because of the family that I was raised in, both my father and my grandfather were community leaders on issues of healthcare in rural communities. I grew up watching my grandfather fight for people who couldn't get adequate care, and couldn't get anyone to listen to them. He listened and took their voices with him from city to city, hospital to hospital, and eventually to Washington DC to testify in front of Congress. My father has also been a life long champion of the right to health and happiness of those who are often overlooked and forgotten, doing so as both a small business owner in the healthcare field and as an advocate in Washington DC each year. I learned a lot about leadership, resilience, integrity, and hard work from the two of them. Additionally, I think local government is both interesting and important because of its impact on our daily lives. After moving to Waltham, I immediately began to look for ways to get involved. I served on Progressive Waltham’s steering committee, and I am currently on the Democratic City Committee. I'm very concerned about sustainability and energy efficiency in our city  moving forward. I have great respect for, and interest in, the work of groups like Waltham's "Mothers's Out Front" and WECAN . Groups that continue to fight for sensible local action on global climate change . I've closely followed the work of our School Committee's, on educational planning and the building of new education infrastructure. My husband and I are engaged parents in our son’s classroom at MacArthur Elementary; Waltham Schools are a part of why we moved here! At his kindergarten orientation, they told us the children of MacArthur speak 11 different languages! Amazing! How wonderful for these children to learn with and from each other, building friendships, and creating the foundation for the future of Waltham!


Our city’s story is certainly in a time of change and nowhere is that more evident than here in Ward 2. We are welcoming new families of all kinds, including immigrants from all over the world, while continuing to value our neighbors who have lived here their entire lives and know our cities history so well. We have always cared deeply for the education of the children of Waltham, and we will continue to do so with the housing of the new High School here in our ward.


The changing story of Waltham is exciting, but it also brings with it challenges that call for a renewed commitment to listen and work together to keep Waltham thriving. I believe we need to value every individual and every family in our city. We need elected leaders who listen to their communities. Leaders who insist on well informed decisions that benefit the city and people of Waltham.


My values and priorities as a citizen of Waltham and a candidate for Ward 2's City Councilor include:

  • Working collaboratively with local organizations to find answers to the affordable housing crisis in our city.

  • Balancing our city’s opportunities for development and our deep desire to maintain its unique spirit and history.

  • Securing the preservation of the Waltham Fields Community Farm, and working with the Waltham Land Trust to make informed decisions about the protection and conservation of our open spaces.

  • Pushing our city government to make good on our previous commitments to  conservation of open spaces in Ward 2 and Waltham as a whole.

  • Establishing a process for city planning and sustainability. Waltham needs a clear understanding of how we are using our spaces and how they are working together to build a strong, thriving city.

  • Working with local advocacy groups to create innovative ideas for Waltham's, "Green Community" initiative. 

  • Successfully navigating construction of the new High School.

  • Exploring and planning for the future educational and structural needs of Waltham.

  • Creating more transparency in our local government. We should know what our City Council and Mayor are doing for our city, and it should be easy for citizens to access that information.

  • Working with small businesses, and entrepreneurs to streamline the permitting process, and create more opportunities for growth of Waltham owned retail. 

  • Working with the city, public works, and local law enforcement on issues specific to Ward 2: the unsafe speeding along Lake and Lincoln streets, the use of residential side streets as "cut throughs", lack of sidewalks, the deterioration of "Private Ways", and the Piety Corner Intersection.

  • Developing a collaborative way for the people of Ward 2 to share their concerns and ideas with me so I can represent and amplify YOUR voices to the city council.


Yes, there is a lot to do! To accomplish these goals as your Ward 2 councilor I promise to be with you in the community, holding office hours weekly, responding to your questions and concerns promptly, and listening to your stories.

Heather A May


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